Interior Painting

When it comes to painting your modern house or remodeling the old one, Port Macquarie is your ultimate stopover. Today painting doesn’t limit to coating the wall with colors. Decorative wall arts, murals, stenciling, etc become part of the walls of contemporary buildings. We are pros in the industry and can coat the walls giving it modernized touch.

Exterior Painting

Painting exterior walls not only satisfies its aesthetic needs but also ensures its durability. Bricks, vinyl, or just a plastered wall, they need different color treatments and techniques. We will use paints that can suit the harsh weather conditions in Port Macquarie. At the same time, it will transform the look of your house. We have painted thousands of exterior walls to date. With our huge experience and expertise we are able to transform your house to a lush one. 

Commercial Painting

Need to paint your office building or retail store? Port Macquarie has skilled painters who can paint all sized commercial properties. We can transform the look of your storefront or office space. When you need to color your commercial property, you can’t wait for months to accomplish the project. We are a team bound by commitments. Our team is known for completing the work with perfection within the time. Besides, having the knowledge of colors we have interior decorators who can renovate the space to an attractive one.

Color Consulting

While choosing the right interior or exterior color for your house, you need to consider some facts such as which color is trendy or become out of fashion, pastel or solid shades, etc. If you are in a fix regarding choosing the right shade for your home then it’s time to give us a call. We will help you in picking shades considering the size of your rooms, light exposure, the existing color of your house, your home’s architectural features, etc. Our trained professional will weigh up everything to give your home the most aesthetic look.

Exterior Timber Maintenance

Exterior walls, timber, and fences remain exposed 24X7. Hence, you need to be extra protective of such portions otherwise it won’t take much time to get destroyed completely. Timber claddings look elegant. However, when it soaks up water due to not maintaining it properly, it looks awful. Our water-resistant paint will create a shield over your timbers and protect it from different weather conditions.

Pressure Cleaning

Stains and deposits on grouts in the kitchen and bathroom are not easy to clean. Mopping the floor may lead to attaching those dust and grimes to the grout. The chemicals available in the market for cleaning floor tiles in the kitchen eventually make the surface of the tiles rough. Cleaning a coarse area is just impossible. Here you need the help of professionals. We use the pressure washing technique to clean the hardest areas. It removes all molds and dirt making your bathroom and kitchen a new one.